An interesting piece from Chris Atchison in Canada's Globe & Mail on the decline of Blackberry and Nortel in Canada following the tech boom and whether, in the context of the cannabis "green rush", history is likely to repeat itself.

Cam Battley of Aurora recognises that the Canadian industry has benefitted from legal concerns in the US arising from federal drug legislation, notwithstanding growing legalisation of cannabis there under State law, but that, as he puts it, US policy could change with a single tweet. With the US FDA looking at cannabis again ahead of a UN discussion next month, it will be interesting to see whether the Trump administration will change the rules to allow US companies to compete more equally on the global stage.

Other contributors recognise the opportunity offered by the projected global market, the need to comply with regulation, the importance of being able to adapt flexibly to changing markets and the imperative to retain top talent.

This is thrown into sharp relief by the news last week that medical marijuana products will be available from 1 November in the UK. It remains to be seen how the industry will develop in the UK, although it's clear that lots of different businesses, domestic and international, are looking at the opportunities created by the forthcoming change to the scheduling of cannabis-based medical products in the UK.