This strikes me as quite a headline. On 1 January this year, I doubt many people would have expected that, less than a year later, the front page of a major newspaper would report that medical cannabis products would be available on prescription in the UK. And yet it is about to happen.

As was apparent from presenters' comments last week at Cannabis Invest UK, which DAC Beachcroft sponsored, there is a great deal of interest in the medical cannabis sector. New medical products are coming to the market all the time and more than one speaker echoed Mr Freeman's observation that there is a "huge business opportunity" for the UK here.

It will be interesting to read the small print when the new legislation is implemented, and some have commented that there will need to be a programme of education for healthcare professionals to inform them about the new medicines. And, of course, no medicinal products could be prescribed in the UK until approved by the MHRA.  

Nevertheless, the speed with which the law has changed is remarkable, and we look forward to continuing to advise both domestic and overseas clients in this fast-moving and entrepreneurial sector.