Last night DAC Beachcroft's Spectrum and Women + networks hosted colleagues and clients at an evening with  Julia Hoggett, the Financial Conduct Agency's Director of Market Oversight.

Julia talked to us about the importance of bringing your whole self to work, why we all need role models, how genuinely diverse teams are proven to deliver better outcomes and the business case for diversity.  She generously shared stories and anecdotes from her personal and professional life.

I always find these events where someone gives their personal perspective based on real experience in the workplace inspiring.  I know from the audience feedback at the drinks after Julia's talk that I wasn't the only one who found her messages encouraging.  Many of us recognised the situations and conversations she described.

But do these events help "move the dial" on diversity and inclusion?  The audience which attends these events (including a handful of men) is self-selecting.  The people who come are the ones who already understand the issues and care deeply about change.  How can we broaden the discussion to include those in powerful management positions who could actually effect change, but who press delete on invitations to these events because the issues under discussion are not ones which touch them?