I have only been posting about medical marijuana since February this year and it seems as if a huge amount has happened in the intervening five months. Back then, it seemed to me that a change in UK law was still a very long way away, not least as Paul Flynn MP's Bill didn't even get its second reading in the House of Commons; and yet, here we are in July, with medical cannabis to be legalised by the new Home Secretary.

This should open up a potentially huge market in the UK, and established producers of cannabis-based medicines, including those in North America and elsewhere where medical marijuana is already allowed, will, I am sure, now be executing their plans for UK legalisation. In this, they will be joined by various UK-based businesses which have been watching the debate closely and preparing for today's news. I am sure this means the next five months will be just as dramatic, and likely extremely busy for our team advising on the approval of medicines for use in the UK.