Checking-in with a snapshot from MIPIM PropTech in Paris..

The landscape of PropTech is fascinating and data is reshaping the evolution of PropTech.

There is an extremely broad spread of application, use and opportunity. For example, data collected from food deliveries allows extrapolation of information about the residents and workers in particular areas, how their life patterns are changing and what they may need. Retail data analytics is another example, where mobile data is used to drive the location of stores by reference to footfall and wider travel between key places in consumers’ lives, such as home and work.

Data can remain siloed, however, without broadly applicable data standards. Perhaps more importantly, though, are data partnerships and projects which encourage data transparency.

Clearly there is an ongoing challenge to balance business, productivity and privacy. Laws and regulations, and the bodies and institutions which apply them internationally, must be there to enforce appropriate frameworks whilst not be so rigid so as to stifle progress.