We partnered with Place North West in a "Workplace of the Future" event in Manchester, yesterday, looking at the current and future impact of technology in the workplace.

Energy efficient facades, personalised heating, virtual reality meetings and AI (taking away the more tedious elements of our work) are in some small ways already here and create a tempting vision.

It was clear from the experts in attendance that the majority of occupiers are still exploring what it means for them and how they can future-proof their response in a rapidly evolving scenario. Alex Edds, Director of Innovation at JLL, gave some good advice; talking about taking a small first step in the next wave of the digital revolution that is hitting the workspace, which will lead to a bigger second step. He also talked about connectivity as, effectively, a new currency and about making sure that you have the best internet connection available.

Looking at another aspect of connectivity, for me future-proofing is also about tech creators and developers/occupiers working together to ensure the innovation is as relevant and user friendly as possible. At the frontiers of change the brave new world of technology is rubbing up against traditional operating models in real estate. There is more alignment that needs to be done and those than can create the link will be valuable brokers.