The UK holds the rather unenviable title of having some of the worst kept roads in Western Europe, blighted by potholes, worn road-markings, complicated signage, and compounded by a lack of mobile telecommunications infrastructure. 

This makes the country fairly unattractive for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) testing. Badly maintained roads are a nuisance for humans, but for developing AVs they are prohibitively dangerous. Highways will have to adapt for this new technology to take off. 

House builders are looking to take Electric Vehicles (EV) and AVs into account when developing sites. Issues in planning for AVs around the home arise when balancing consumer attachment to cars against driverless cars in the sharing economy.

If investors commit to domestic EV charging points, there is a danger that AVs within the sharing economy could devalue these assets by disrupting the market.

Eventually, consumers could buy AV miles rather than an actual car, making charging points at home redundant. The safer option at the moment seems to be investing in public charging points in service stations and car parks.