The scale of the task faced by law enforcement agencies in tackling intellectual property crime is highlighted by the indication from the City of London Police's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) that since its launch in September 2013 it has suspended approximately 38,000 counterfeit websites, with particular emphasis on sites selling counterfeit gifts such as jewellery and fragrances.   Consumers using such counterfeit gifts run the risk of using poor quality and harmful products.

Building on its 'There's More at Stake when it's a Fake' initiative, PIPCU also seeks to raise awareness of the risk of identity crime when buying counterfeit goods online, with criminals using a victim's identity to create further counterfeit websites. 

It is encouraging that law enforcement agencies are being proactive in seeking to limit sales of counterfeits.  As a result, brand owners are able to benefit from the comprehensive brand protection tools available to them, factoring in both criminal and civil enforcement initiatives.