I attended Bisnow's Women Leading Real Estate event this morning.  The speakers shared insights from their own careers and the ones which I took away were:

  •  find a role which you find meaningful and has purpose; don't waste your time and talent on roles which don't motivate you (Alison Nimmo, CEO The Crown Estate)
  •  instigate change by demanding diversity from your supply chain (Brian Bickell, CEO Shaftesbury)
  •  recognise that we now have 5 generations in the workplace, from baby boomers to millenials, all with different attitudes to and expectations of the workplace (Lynda Shillaw, CEO Magairports)

Finally, I was impressed to hear from Sue Clayton, Executive Director at CBRE, that CBRE are inviting female journalists to all their MIPIM events as a step towards eradicating the inappropriate behaviour sometimes associated with MIPIM.